Got a question about strategy and creative for your next project?


How can your content be more effective? How do you even measure its effectiveness? How could you maximise engagement? Or enquiries or sales? What should your annual budget for branded content be? Which channels and platforms should you use? What about durations and formats? We can help you answer these questions and more. We can also show you how to move beyond single iterative creative production so you can start to really exploit the fantastic possibilities now available for marketers to engage with audiences.


A little foresight goes a long way – a proper communications plan will transform your marketing effectiveness as well as make your budgets stretch further. We work hand in hand with clients, helping them to develop their content marketing wish lists, showing them how they can achieve more while spending less, produce projects faster and more efficiently and build subsequent campaigns on the learnings of previous ones. We’ve been creating & optimising video for digital platforms for the best part of two decades so whether it’s 16:9 or 9:16, we have insights and knowledge to share. Plus we’ve a proven track record on FMCG, B2B, Automotive, Consumer Tech, Mobile and Industrial as well as Internal Comms, Training and Recruitment.


You can come to us for an original idea or an eye-catching treatment. Or perhaps you’re after a compelling visual execution for your own script. Or you have an initial storyboard that needs further input to realise its full potential. You’ll work directly with our in-house team of technically adept creatives who’ll nurture your project through creative development and into production.


We write treatments, scripts, VOs, dialogue and even songs! We can also write the headlines that appear with our photography and the web copy that supports our videos. We can hone 8mins of corporate dull speak into 55secs of sizzle. And if we can’t do it in-house, we’ll turn to our network of freelance copywriters and bring in a specialist with the portfolio and list of awards to match.


The look and feel of a film has a huge impact on the emotional response of the viewer, winning them over and then keeping them on-side. And yet so often, very little thought is given to this aspect despite it being one of the most powerful tools in the content production arsenal. The Art Director or Production Designer dictates (for instance) how a brand’s values are translated faithfully to the screen, how a big budget feel can be produced on a shoestring and how the film can stand out when the target audience are already saturated with competing messages. We rely on their craft to sprinkle magic onto everything we produce.


We believe that sharing our knowledge and truly collaborating with clients is the best way to deliver the highest quality film and branded content. The Sandstorm Insight film series is proof of our commitment to working collaboratively, demystifying the production process and disseminating skills knowledge to our partners – it’s a win-win.