About to plan your next project? Speak to Ayo


Sandstorm Films have put together a short but comprehensive checklist that helps you articulate your communications objective and ensures we have all the information required to meet your project requirements.


Whether it’s planning the shooting schedule, licensing, casting, wardrobe or any other of the numerous pre-production considerations, the Sandstorm Films team are on hand to guide you through it, drawing on their combined decades of hard-earned experience gained from working on a huge variety of campaigns.


Seeing is believing. Having visual aids helps everyone understand what the finished creative execution will look like. A storyboard, animatic or even a simple mood board can help avoid misconceptions and endless time lost in explanation and therefore these are invaluable aids to help sell in a campaign to the wider team and other stakeholders. Our in-house team are adept at creating mood films and animatics and we also use storyboard artists that are masters of the subtle art of distilling a vision into a set of telling key frames.


From simple backdrops to 360 degree elevated sets, our in-house team will design and build you a set quickly and cost-effectively to meet your creative requirements. This is a huge benefit as it gives our clients the option of shooting without the creative compromises and logistical headaches that usually come with location shoots. Clever set design delivers not only on creativity, it also brings added flexibility and speed to the shooting schedule.


Too often a hurried, last minute consideration and yet such a potent piece of the visual ‘toolkit’ we have at our disposal to connect with audiences. Dressing the part correctly is key for the cast to come across believably and we offer expert tailoring, design and sourcing of costume and wardrobe, quickly and to budget


We believe that sharing our knowledge and truly collaborating with clients is the best way to deliver the highest quality film and branded content. The Sandstorm Insight film series is proof of our commitment to working collaboratively, demystifying the production process and disseminating skills knowledge to our partners – it’s a win-win.