Post Prodution

Got a question about post-production for your next project? Ask Pedro


If you can watch a film and never lose the thread and need to rewind, or never get bored and need to fast forward, and the ending comes just at the right point and seems like a natural conclusion – that’s good editing. It’s the art of storytelling with pictures. This is where we make your brand or product story come to life – so it racks up the views, the likes, the shares and the click-throughs. Engagement is always the first goal no matter who your audience is or what media channel you’re using.

At Sandstorm Films, editing is the beating heart of our production process. Post-Production, It’s our largest suite with eight workstations and we clock up more hours per day doing assemblies, rough and finished edits, versions, cut downs, re-formatting, refreshes and so on than anything else. And that’s even before our VFX and CGI work, graphics, titling and animation. So whatever the job – big or small – we genuinely have you covered.


Transform a dull looking exterior to a bright summer’s day, or a sinister, scary night. Post Prodution make the commonplace look cool and interesting. Turn a modestly packaged product into an attention-grabbing star. Grading makes or breaks the look of the finished result so here at Sandstorm Films there’s a dedicated, high-end grading suite and you can see the difference that can make by clicking on the Insight film link at the bottom of this page…


​Because budgets aren’t unlimited and timelines aren’t elastic, you can’t always shoot things for real. A cast of thousands and a two week shooting schedule is great but more often it’s needed quicker and cheaper. At Sandstorm Films we’re extremely adept at using the very best CGI and VFX software tools to work miracles. Whether it’s to realise a creative idea that would otherwise simply be unfeasible or even actually impossible. For instance, a launch film for a car that hasn’t been manufactured yet, or an interactive hologram of Bear Grylls that sits in your passenger seat, or a staff training film that takes over your phone and starts communicating with you through your social media apps. We’d be happy to talk you through our reel but don’t expect us to reveal all our secrets…


Adapting existing material to make new versions is a core skill area for Sandstorm Films. Adapting TV campaigns to run in different markets to meet different packaging or regulatory requirements, converting LHD cars to RHD and vice versa, or simply updating and refreshing campaigns with new footage. It’s an art that requires ingenuity and fierce attention to detail in order to get right and something we’ve made a speciality of.


​A good quality audio track will make a micro-budget production seem perfectly acceptable whereas even a glossy cinema feature is unwatchable if the sound quality is poor. Audio quality therefore makes a huge difference to the effectiveness of any piece of content and given your audience may well be using a smartphone or tablet, it’s all the more important to ensure your message sings out, true and clear. The good news is that quality sound mixing is the best bang for your buck in production. It takes very little out of your budget to ensure it’s done properly especially since here at Sandstorm we have all of the facilities and personnel in-house. So whether its multi-language voiceover, a cinema mix in 5:1 or 7:1, foley, ADR, creating a soundscape from scratch or music composition and mixing, our Dolby approved edit suite and sound technicians can help.


We believe that sharing our knowledge and truly collaborating with clients is the best way to deliver the highest quality film and branded content. The Sandstorm Insight film series is proof of our commitment to working collaboratively, demystifying the production process and disseminating skills knowledge to our partners – it’s a win-win.