Photographic Studio Outside London

Photographic Studio Outside London – Once it was just TV & Cinema commercials and ‘non-broadcast’. Today, moving image content is everywhere – online, outdoor, in-store, in-app and more. We are proud to offer a world-leading, end-to-end production and delivery resource dedicated to meeting the spiralling demand for film and branded content.

Our custom-built facilities house three tailored studio stages, each matching different shooting requirements. Edit, VFX and Grading suites and a Dolby approved surround sound mixing suite. We also have a purpose-built wardrobe and hair & make-up space, a meeting room with AV facilities, a green room, shower, kitchen and breakout areas – even a BBQ deck and sun terrace! All equipped with the highest quality equipment, lightning-fast internet connectivity, complimentary refreshments and more barista coffee than anyone should probably drink. Catering to order. Photographic Studio Outside London, We’ve done everything to ensure our clients enjoy efficiently run projects in a comfortable, fun and productive environment. And in true Sandstorm fashion, we are never satisfied and are always expanding and investing in our facilities, So call us for the latest updates.

Photographic Studio Outside London

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This is our ‘Swiss Army knife’ of a studio Photographic Studio Outside London – endlessly configurable and versatile. You name it, we shoot it here: vehicle exteriors and interiors, one, two and three walled room sets, live action with synch sound, Technodolly, multi-camera live studio format and both large and small scale product shoots of every description.

  • ​Room dimensions – 15m x 10m x 4m(h)
  • Dual infinity cove – 9m x 9m x 3.2m (h)
  • Sound-deadened
  • Vehicle access
  • Dimmable 18 bank lighting mixer


The tough one. We’ve specced this studio to handle the rough stuff – we do all kinds of special effects shooting here including pyro, smoke, fire and water. Noise not a problem either. That said, it’s also beautifully equipped for shooting motion control, live action, smaller sets, table top and stills photography and the space and height are a DOP’s dream.

  • Room dimensions – 17m x 10m x 7m(h)
  • Stage dimensions – 10m x 7m x 4m(h)
  • Vehicle access
  • Water & fire retardant


We also offer photographic equipment and more everyday camera kits including a range of Canon cameras, Sony A7Sii and GoPro.