The team unanimously felt researching (drinking and eating) their way through the award-winning Ramsbury estate distillery, brewery, and smokehouse was a crucial step in creating a series of brand films and photography that puts the Ramsbury brand on the global stage… it also resulted in the creation Ramsbury Storm ale.

Our in-house team produce stage sets that both look good
and work efficiently, allowing us to set up and break quickly &
maximise our shooting hours in the day.

Camera cranes produce those wonderful ‘big budget’ sweeps.
Machine control arms give you perfect repeatability. Technodolly
combines both and is so quiet you can shoot live sound.

With a roster of in-house Directors of Photography and an extensive inventory of on-site lighting, our clients walk
on to set safe in the knowledge their project will look stunning and on-brand.

Our in-house high-speed cameras capture over
1000 frames per second.

We are experts in creating performance optimised
content for multiple markets & platforms.

Our complete production offering results in some of the most efficient,
high-end and affordable campaigns on television, cinema and digital.


See how the team made over 1000 flowers pour
through a bathroom door.


Take a sneak peek on the set of
Tackle The 12 Stains of Christmas.


Find out how we used High-Speed to make the
12 Stains campaign visually impactful.