If you need anymore help, best to call Jenny, she is the fount of all (Sandstorm) knowledge.


If you need anymore help, best to call Jenny, she is the fount of all (Sandstorm) knowledge.

When it comes to film production facilities, we take an end-to-end approach. So as well as the headline acts – three incredibly versatile studios and the A-Z of cinema-quality kit – you get a supporting cast of production offices, comfortable lounges and cutting-edge edit suites, all in one place.

We’ve factored in nice-to-haves like fresh barista coffee and locally brewed ales while you’re working. And when you need an extra pair of hands, our full-time crew is ready and waiting.



Facilities this is our ‘Swiss Army knife’ of a studio – endlessly configurable and versatile. You name it, we shoot it here: vehicle exteriors and interiors, one, two and three walled room sets, live action with synch sound, Technodolly, multi-camera live studio format and both large and small scale product shoots of every description.

  • ​Room dimensions – 15m x 10m x 4m (h) / 50ft x 32ft x 13ft(h)
  • Sound-deadened
  • Vehicle access
  • Dimmable 18 bank lighting mixer


The tough one. We’ve specced this studio to handle the rough stuff – we do all kinds of special effects shooting here including pyro, smoke, fire and water. Noise not a problem either. That said, it’s also beautifully equipped for shooting motion control, live action, smaller sets, table top and stills photography and the space and height are a DOP’s dream.

  • Room dimensions – 17m x 10m x 7m (h) / 56ft x 32ft x 23ft (h)
  • Vehicle access
  • Water & fire retardant


The (very) big one.   Seven-metre double-decker height and wide access sound stage. Soon to have a double infinity cove, floating ceiling and configurable as separate spaces for simultaneous shooting on your project.

  • 5100sq ft. (480sq. m)
  • 25m x 19m x 10m (h) / 82ft x 62ft x 33ft (h)
  • Sound Deadened (but not soundproofed)
  • 7m high roller shutter vehicle access
  • 750A of available power



Our TechnoDolly is essential on shoots, whether in the studio or on location. This versatile rig works as a silent, repeatable motion control rig and a camera crane in one. It’s fast, it’s quick to move from position to position and it’s incredibly accurate… in short it saves time and produces spectacular shots.


  • Multi-axis repeatable Motion Control
  • Studio or Location
  • Full lens and AUX motor control
  • Shooting area; 3m (15’) high, 7.5m (25’) wide, 24.3m (80’) long



The ideal feature film visual effects tool, ready to go, without the cumbersome setup or issue with travel, in a perfect, custom-built sound-stage at Sandstorm on the edge of the Cotswolds, just an hour from Heathrow and only 200m off the M4 at Junction 15.


  • Fully repeatable motion control
  • Max height = 6m (20ft)
  • Max reach = 5.2m (17ft)
  • Track length = 12m (40ft)
  • Camera Travel Speed = 3.5m (11ft) per second maximum
  • NOT PORTABLE, this rig is only available in Sandstorm Studio3.


2K & 4K

Our Phantom 2K package is the affordable way to get that jaw-dropping slow motion moment. With the 2K you can capture at up to 2500 fps in HD and we record to ProRes only on this camera to give you instant, no fuss access to that cinematic moment without hours of transcoding. This is our go-to weapon of choice for that instant money shot.

The Phantom 4K gives you more resolution and full raw capabilities, it’s also a lot more flexible on ISO, thus requiring less light – but it comes at two costs, the first is financial, it’s almost twice the price, the second is what you gain in resolution you lack in frames per second – the max on this camera is 930fps in 4k.




We were one of the first ever production companies to invest in Arri Alexa, we purchased two of them before they even existed. That trust paid off and the cameras have never let us down. Alexa is the industry standard for quality and durability. From our Alexa Classic cameras (still going strong after 10 years) to the Alexa Mini for a somewhat less back-breaking camera operating experience. There is still no camera out there that comes close to the Alexa.


We also offer photographic equipment including superb Broncolor strobe kits to the beautiful Canon 5DS 50MP DSLR which produces spectacular images on a tiny budget. 

And for moving picture shoots on a tight budget or that require a truly ‘run and gun’ approach we have a number of Sony A7Sii, Canon 5Diii and even GoPros.


It’s pointless offering cinema quality cameras if you can’t match it with the pinnacle of lenses. We’ve got a lovely range in-house from the super sharp Master Prime to the vintage look of a 1970’s Zeiss SuperSpeed and a few nice little options in between.



We have over 200 lights on-site at Sandstorm, from 18KW HMI’s to Skypanels and flicker-free 5KW and 10KW tungsten heads for slow-motion. It’s all here and most of it is included free of charge in our studio hire rate too.







​Often an area for pre-production and client meetings, this room also doubles-up as a production office for clients on shoots. Fully AV’d up including conference facilities. Helping them keep on top of the world outside while remaining part of the action.


There’s an area to relax by the fire or be productive without background interruption, all the while monitoring the shoot via a direct feed from the studio and keeping connected to the outside world via lightning fast broadband. The lounge is also equipped with a client fridge and stocked with a range of complimentary snacks and beverages. When the sun shines (it always shines) get outside, enjoy the sun terrace and, take in the view across open fields to the Ridgeway.


No end-to-end studio facility is complete without private, separate Wardrobe and Hair & Make-up room with illuminated wall mirrors and hanging rails.

  • Two make-up workstations
  • Steamers, irons and wardrobe railing


We also have first class voice-over facilities with our dedicated sound booth.

For use in broadcast and cinema voice-over, ADR, radio link and podcasting.

  • Voice-over
  • ADR
  • Radio
  • Professionally sound-proofed and acoustically isolated
  • RT60 – 0.053 seconds (can be customised to suit other requirements)​



Our colour balanced room, custom-built desk and grade one monitoring (plus domestic screens for reference) make this the premier room for picture finishing at Sandstorm’s facility.

  • Fully colour balanced, air-conditioned room
  • Grade One monitoring (plus domestic screens for reference)
  • Custom-built desk and control surface


Equipped with eight matching suites in a custom-built open-plan environment, our editing team deliver assemble edits, VFX, 3D and online. Whether working on eight individual projects or collaborating together on one, it is a faster and more efficient way to deliver post-production for our productions.

  • ​8 matching custom-built workstations
  • Assembly, VFX, 3D and online in one room
  • Open plan environment
  • Shared media servers
  • Open ring network productivity
  • Comprehensive back-up and redundancy protocol


Our sound mixing suite is built to the highest possible specification, allowing us to create unique surround sound experiences for cinema, as well as broadcast and online content.

  • Dolby approved 5.1 & 7.1 cinema surround sound mixing
  • TV & Digital sound mixing to R128 and all other global standards
  • Cinema, TV & Digital sound design
  • Foley & ADR recording
  • Rigorously tested sound room with superb acoustics