Once it was just TV & Cinema commercials and ‘non-broadcast’. Today, moving image content is everywhere – online, outdoor, in-store, in-app and more. We are proud to offer a world-leading, end-to-end production and delivery resource dedicated to meeting the spiralling demand for film and branded content.

Our custom-built facilities house three tailored studio stages, each matching different shooting requirements. Edit, VFX and Grading suites and a Dolby approved surround sound mixing suite. End to end production, we also have a purpose-built wardrobe and hair & make-up space, a meeting room with AV facilities, a green room, shower, kitchen and breakout areas – even a BBQ deck and sun terrace! All equipped with the highest quality equipment, lightning-fast internet connectivity, complimentary refreshments and more barista coffee than anyone should probably drink. Catering to order. We’ve done everything to ensure our clients enjoy efficiently run projects in a comfortable, fun and productive environment. And in true Sandstorm fashion, we are never satisfied and are always expanding and investing in our facilities, So call us for the latest updates.


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This is our ‘Swiss Army knife’ of a studio – endlessly configurable and versatile. You name it, we shoot it here: vehicle exteriors and interiors, one, two and three walled room sets, live action with synch sound, Technodolly, multi-camera live studio format and both large and small scale product shoots of every description.

  • ​Room dimensions – 15m x 10m x 4m (h) / 50ft x 32ft x 13ft(h)
  • Dual infinity cove – 9m x 9m x 3.2m (h) / 30ft x 30 ft x 10.5ft (h)
  • Sound-deadened
  • Vehicle access
  • Dimmable 18 bank lighting mixer


The tough one. We’ve specced this studio to handle the rough stuff – we do all kinds of special effects shooting here including pyro, smoke, fire and water. Noise not a problem either. That said, it’s also beautifully equipped for shooting motion control, live action, smaller sets, table top and stills photography and the space and height are a DOP’s dream.

  • Room dimensions – 17m x 10m x 7m (h) / 76ft x 30ft x 23ft (h) 
  • Stage dimensions – 10m x 7m x 4m (h) / 30ft x 23ft x 13m (h)
  • Vehicle access
  • Water & fire retardant


The (very) big one.   Seven-metre double-decker height and wide access sound stage. Soon to have a double infinity cove, floating ceiling and configurable as separate spaces for simultaneous shooting on your project.  Self-contained facility with green room, meeting/office space, WCs & parking etc.

  • 7,000 sq ft (650 sq m)
  •  30m x 20m x 10m (h) / 98ft x 65ft x 32ft (h)

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