There is always a better way, but there are very few agencies bold enough to try. However,  BETC Paris are pretty fearless, as are we,  and tasked us with finding them a comedy director who would work with Sandstorm to produce their creative ‘Lottery’ for Airwick. Cue our Strategy Director, Ayo, who saw the brief, laughed, called his pal Stephen and just like that we were producing a daring new ad with our French friends.

Shot, edited and delivered in two days to director’s cut – including filming a cow while Stephen and Ed cut the film. Why tell you all this? Because the client saved over £40,000 by coming to Sandstorm. If you need to make a high quality ad and you don’t want to spend the Earth, welcome to our studio. 


Agency: BETC Paris
Director: Stephen Pipe
Assistant Director & Set Design: Tom Ward
2nd AD: Peter Morrell
Director of Photography & Product: Matt Wicker
Camera: Dann Emmons
Gaffer: Cam Smith
Lighting & SFX: Jamie Cunliffe
Set Build: Sandstorm in-house


Edit & Grade: Ed Moorhouse
VFX: Frazer Hopkins
Producer: Marie-Ann Morrell
Production coordinators: Jenny Chapman, Ayo Hughes
Tech spec: Arri Alexa, Zeiss Superspeeds
Location: Sandstorm Studio 1 & the Waitrose cow’s very own barn nearby
(we wanted to bring the cow into the studio, but all the farmers laughed at us)